Monday, 14 September 2009

Undated 20p- What makes it special?


The undated 20p coin that slipped by the Royal Mint's stringent Quality Control and into circulation following the 2008 redesign is significant for the following reasons-

This is the first undated British coin to enter circulation for over 300 years.
The last time this happened was in 1672.

Redesigns of UK coins generally happens once every 40 years.

Since the news of the Royal Mint error broke in June/July 2009 the chance of finding one of these in circulation is decreasing by the day.

Also the London Mint have been offering £50 each for one of these coins. The London Mint are not associated with The Royal Mint they are a private enterprise and their site gives a lot of information on the significance of the undated 20p coin -

Well if the London Mint is willing ot offer £50 each for one of these then as a business they are not buying these en masse to make a loss so they have to be worth a considerable amount more. Also the rarity value of one the undated 20p coin increases as they buy more and more of these coins off people.

Taking a look at ebay , there are still several pages dedicated to listings of people selling their undated 20p so for that reason I have refrained from listing it for sale there and it looks like I'll be keeping mine for the long term.

Best Wishes!

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