Sunday, 20 September 2009

Undated 20p on ebay(the latest)

Hi All,

I thought I would take a look on ebay on Sunday 20th September 2009 to check out the current interest in the undated 20p coin.

Well, I have to say the interest in the undated 20p phenomenon hasn't waned.

This is so evident on entering "undated 20p" in the Find search box ,the number of pages this search returns is 13 equating to 606 results.

Just think 606 listings for an undated 20p coin three months after the story broke into the national newspapers.

Like I've said in my earlier posts here, my one is tucked in the drawer but I still live in hope no matter how futile of finding another one as I examine every 20p that lands in my change... but inevitably no luck so other than the 13 pages of listings on ebay the scarcity factor has kicked in in one sense at least.

I await the day a coin collector comes knocking with a handsome sum for my undated 20p but it's looking like I'll be waiting for a while longer.

Best Wishes!


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