Saturday, 18 July 2009

Undated 20p listings on ebay


I have been strongly considering selling my undated 20p coin on ebay so I thought I would log on and take a look.I found this one where the seller has put up a Buy It Now price of £250,000 and getting offers too but my guess which is probably the same guess as most people is that the offers from would be buyers is not going to reach that amount.

There are other people listing their undated 20p for high amounts say £30,0000 which OK is not as high as the one above but are offering a great proportion of proceeds to charities eg 75% which is much more commendable than the above which is offering nothing.

I am still undecided though but have been taking photos such as the following in preparation for any prospective lsiting:

I think I will also try to get a mirror shot as to show both sides of the coin but I am pretty pleased with my attempts at still life photography with a camera phone but pleased with the above.

Once I get a mirror shot that shows the both sides of the coin which I consider good enough for an ebay listing I will also publish it here.

How much am I going to sell it for?
I don't know maybe the only answer to any valuation query to one of these undated 20p coins is how much is someone willing to pay for one?

Well if I do put it up on ebay if I am going to ask for a serious amount I am sure I will be donating a good percentage to charity too.



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