Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Intro - Why the blog about the undated 20p

Hello All,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is David and I have a bad habit of letting coins spill out of my pockets indoors.

Earlier, while getting changed in the bedroom, in process of putting on a pair of jeans not long after having a shower(Yes I was dry before doing so) I noticed a 20p coin on the floor.

I just recently remember reading about the undated 20p thing in a copy of the Metro while travelling home from work on a train.

I picked it up and can confirm it is an undated 20p and the real thing as there is no date either side.

To be honest I am undecided as to sell it now or maybe in a few months time when this will become even rarer hence more valuable. I am NOT selling it for £50 to The London Mint.

Please bear with this blog in it's current scruffy form as I only just started this.

Anyone wish to add to debate here on this blog is welcome.

I hope you find one of these things too.

Best Wishes!


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